Questions We Are Frequently Asked

If you are finding it increasingly difficult to keep on top of the housework, have you considered hiring a professional house cleaner such as Petrona's Cleaning Service? To learn why our services are all you will ever need, please carry on reading this frequently asked questions post now.

Why should I use your company above all other residential house cleaning services? 

For a start, we have a whopping 25 years of experience in this field, which taken as a whole, speaks volumes on who we are as a company. We established our business in 1994, and since then have been providing the residents of Haymarket, VA with superior services at affordable prices. We leave nothing to chance, and our eye for even the smallest of details is unrivaled. We supply on the best cleaning materials, equipment, and tools, and offer a range of other services that you can choose from, further details on what they are can be found in this article.

How do you expect me to pay your house cleanup services?

We will accept cash or check; either way works for us.

Do you charge for your quotes?

Absolutely not, all of the services mentioned below come with free estimates. This leaves you the time to ring around and compare our rates and services with others in the Haymarket, VA area. We expect to hear from you soon!

Does your house cleaning contractor take on any commercial work?

No, we have our hands full just with our residential work.

What does your home cleaning involve?

We can provide the following services:

  • General Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping

Further clarification on any of the above services is available on request. Call us on the number listed in the last paragraph of this article.

If I only need to call upon your services as a one time deal, is this possible?

Of course, it is.

When would it be convenient to call Petrona's Cleaning Service?

Monday- Friday: 8 AM until 7:00PM

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Is there anything I need to do to facilitate your arrival?

Yes, if you could put away valuables, documents, toys, and pets, we would appreciate it.

I make it a firm rule to never use a company unless I read reviews, do you have any?

After 2 decades of service, I do. Some are found on our home page, while the majority of them are on the testimonials page. Our valued clients know right from the start that they are free to leave at any time reviews on what they thought of our services, prices, reliability, and overall workmanship.

If I want you to use cleaning materials of my choice is this acceptable?

Not a problem, just inform us of this in advance, so we know what to bring, and what to leave in our vehicle.

Sadly reader, our work is not going to do itself, which means we need to conclude our frequently asked questions article now. And hope any questions you had pertaining to our services were answered. If not, or if you wish to schedule an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to contact us on this number (703) 209-3766 within the hours stipulated in this post.