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Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Average rating:  
 51 reviews
Jun 9, 2022
by Sonya Wilkins on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
5 Stars!

She was very patient in working around our little girl. She is punctual and shows professionalism. Very attentive to all aspects of cleaning. Will definitely use this professional cleaning service again!

Jun 5, 2022
by C. Hansel on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Excellent Services

I am so very happy with this residential cleaning company. They are simply the best! It was even worth getting up very early so that she can clean the house before I go to work. Ha-ha! Love the results.

Jun 2, 2022
by Jean Anselmo on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Happy Clients

We have a monthly house cleaning service. We are in our mid-seventies. Our cleaner is the best! The cleaning is excellent and she is very reassuring for clients like us. Thank you for everything you do for us.

Apr 2, 2022
by Griffin Brown on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
A Nice Cleaner

We had their house cleaning contractor come and clean our condo recently. She is incredibly kind, thorough, and quick in her work. We would like to highly recommend her to other families in need of professional services.

Feb 9, 2022
by Lauren B. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

I have used them over the past 2 years and they are a great service. They are always helpful and very reliable. At the moment, I have their home cleaning specialist helping one of my clients. She is very careful and cheerful. Highly recommended!

Jan 17, 2022
by Sam P. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Quality Services

The quality of the job was outstanding. This residential cleaning company is very dependable. A morning appointment is very important to me, and their cleaners always keep that time frame. Highly recommend them to others with specific requirements. They are super accommodating.

Jan 16, 2022
by Marie Ferguson on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Superb Experience!

I feel very confident that my property is secure during the time the professional cleaning service takes place. Their work is not expensive, and the quality of service and peace of mind is unmatched.

Jan 15, 2022
by Juliana Peterson on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Flexible & Friendly

Their house cleaning contractor is flexible, super friendly, and genuinely cares about the customer. The products are not chemicals or toxic substances. I love the smell after I come home after a long day at work. I recommend their company to friends all the time.

Jan 14, 2022
by Katie B. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Great Performance

I love the fact their cleaner shows up when scheduled and gets the work done according to my requirements. Very thorough, and they always ask if they can offer a customized house cleaning service. I am happy that I have them as a partner.

Jan 12, 2022
by K. L. Owens on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
A Happy Customer

My mother was very please with this residential cleaning company I hired for her needs. The cleaner who did the job was very friendly and accommodating. I will definitely call them again next time we need an extra helping hand.

Jan 9, 2022
by Diane Mayers on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

My cleaner just left. Did such a wonderful job. I couldn't be more satisfied with the professional cleaning service. Will surely call them next time we need help. Keep up the excellent work!

Jan 6, 2022
by Fariba K. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Love the results!

Their house cleaning contractor did a deep clean on Monday and did an outstanding job. She was so fast and professional. I give this company a maximum 5 stars. Amazing experience.

Jan 5, 2022
by Lisa T. Jameson on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

So happy with this team and their amazing home cleaning services. They come to my home and do a remarkable job. Even my neighbors who visit us notice the superb results. We would love to keep working with them for many more years.

Jan 2, 2022
by Matt Scott on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

I know I can count on this cleaner to help me with every task I have at hand. I called on several occasions for emergency home cleaning, and they matched my needs. Do yourself a favor next time you need assistance with the chores at home, call this company!

Dec 15, 2021
by Jena Peters on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

The lady was extremely friendly and polite, and she cleaned my oven perfectly. She also cleaned up after herself. I am so happy I choose this house cleaning service. Thank you!

Nov 1, 2021
by Richard R. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Exceeded My Expectations

I do admit, I wasn't really expecting a lot at first from this residential cleaning company because I hadn't even heard of them before. They proved me wrong by exceeding my expectations.

Oct 28, 2021
by Harry F. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Highly Recommend

I'd highly recommend booking their professional cleaning service. I tried their cleaning services and I got exactly what I was expecting from such a well-known company in my area. I'm glad I booked it!

Oct 27, 2021
by Irma H. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Very Impressive

I was very impressed with the work that this house cleaning contractor did for me. It was meticulous cleaning and I could tell because I know I don't clean so thoroughly like how they did.

Oct 26, 2021
by Rosa Little on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Quick Work

I hired this home cleaning company to help me clean my place for me. I needed my place to be cleaned quickly before the weekend but I didn't have enough time so I asked for their help. They were very quick with the task!

Oct 18, 2021
by Elma Tardiff on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I’m Glad I Tried Their Services

I'm really glad I tried out their home cleaning services. I was too stubborn to have my house cleaned professionally for the longest time. Now I know that life can be so much easier with their help.

Oct 15, 2021
by Angela Walker on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Listened to My Requests

If I was to recommend a company that offers a professional cleaning service, I'd choose this one because I've tried it and I got the results that I wanted. I had a lot of requests too and they listened to them all.

Oct 12, 2021
by Ivan McCarthy on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
They Delivered

If it wasn't for their house cleaning service, I would have ended up with a messy home when my parents arrived from vacation. I needed the house cleaned fast and they delivered!

Oct 12, 2021
by Damon B. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
A Big Help

I booked the house cleaning service that this company offered because I didn't want to have to sacrifice my rest time. I'm already tired from work. I don't want to be tired at home as well. This company was a big help!

Sep 5, 2021
by Wanda C. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
They Did an Amazing Job

I hired this residential cleaning company because my place was a big mess and I lacked the time to clean it. They did such an amazing job of it! I didn't even know that my house would look as clean as it does now.

Sep 2, 2021
by Marvin Sanchez on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Was Not Disappointed

I was told to hire this house cleaning contractor because they give quality results. I definitely needed to have my home cleaned so I gave it a try. I was not disappointed by the results.

Jul 30, 2021
by Todd S. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

Totally recommend this incredible residential cleaning company. Thanks to your pros, I have a spotless house that I love to relax in. Thank you for your flexible and affordable services that save me time and money.

Jul 29, 2021
by Leo E. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Great Service

I need a professional cleaning service after a party. I decided to call this company. The cleaning technicians understood my needs. They removed all the trash, dust, spills, and restored the cleanliness in my apartment. Wow!

Jul 27, 2021
by W. Moore on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Great Specialists!

We strongly recommend your prominent house cleaning contractor. Your specialists know how to clean and sanitize all kinds of interior surfaces with great precision. Thank you for my healthy home environment. It boosts my emotional health.

Jul 24, 2021
by Jose N. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Great Work!

Home cleaning professionals that charge the most reasonable rates for their awesome work. As an organization, they are totally scrupulous and effective. All the cleaners go the extra mile to meet all my needs. Wonderful job. Thanks!

Jul 23, 2021
by Blake T. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Absolutely Outstanding

Guys, what did you do with all the smudges and dust in the house? I enjoy my precious home now more than ever. Your house cleaning service is absolutely reliable, safe, and convenient. Thanks again!

Jul 19, 2021
by A. Sparks on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Fast and Dependable

I will always prefer your residential cleaning company for the ultimate hygiene of my abode. Your cleaning staff is always on time, fully prepared, and equipped for the task. Thank you for your good cooperation. Recommended!

Jul 16, 2021
by Carol D. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Thank You for Your Affordable Services

Your cleaners are true experts!. Since I started to use your professional cleaning service, I could finally relax, enjoying my healthy home environment. Thanks a lot for your affordable and flexible services and cleaning programs.

Jul 12, 2021
by Juliano M. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
My Home Is Neat and Tidy

Thanks to your local house cleaning contractor, I got rid of the yellow stains on the backsplashes and other tile surfaces. After you leave, the whole house smells so fresh and clean. Thank you very much for your diligence.

Jul 4, 2021
by Linda and Jordan K. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Absolutely Clean

Frankly, we have never seen our home that squeaky clean. Ever since we booked these home cleaning services, we noticed the difference. The specialists offer custom solutions and rosters. Very efficient assistance and cooperation, bravo!!!

Jul 2, 2021
by B. Rodrigues on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Very Experienced Staff!

Very experienced and skilled cleaning technicians. My house is sparkling clean. I am thankful for your amazing house cleaning service and would like to recommend it to all the residents like me.

Jul 28, 2020
by Shirley G. Duncan on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Friendly and Professional

Probably the friendliest cleaners that I've worked with! It's just so nice having lively and jolly people cleaning your house. Not to mention the obvious that they really deliver excellent cleaning workmanship. I will surely recommend this residential cleaning company and will use their services again! I might not even need any other cleaner!

Jul 13, 2020
by Doris W. McShan on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Gets the Job Done on Time

I appreciate the fact that the cleaning team arrived on schedule and even earlier. They also got the cleaning job done on time and also even earlier. They are very professional and even ask if there's anything else they can address that they might have missed. Truly, the best in the area when it comes to quality professional house cleaning service.

Jun 26, 2020
by Merrill A. Goode on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Exceptional Customer Service

I've called this cleaner to help my grandma with her cleaning chores. And they're absolutely the best. Granny called just an hour ago letting me know how happy she was with your home cleaning service. She even boasted about how friendly her professional cleaners were. Also, send photos of her immaculate home. Thank you, guys! Until next time!

Jun 12, 2020
by Ann A. Hanley on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
My Favorite Cleaners!

I am a morning person and I need to get up super early for work. This also means that I need to get my house spotlessly clean early in the morning and I'm glad to have found this company. Not my first house cleaning contractor but definitely the best. They are the only ones who are punctual and have met my meticulous cleaning standards. I'll be seeing you more often my favorite cleaners!

Jun 3, 2020
by Dorothy P. on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria

I have pets at home and I can't be home whenever this company provides me with a house cleaning service because of my schedule. But it was never a problem. Not an issue with this cleaner and surprisingly not a problem with my pets too. Turned out my furry companions love these cleaners as well. Plus, their cleaning products and procedures are actually pet-friendly too. They've always been my go-to cleaner!

May 22, 2020
by Beth Gutierrez on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I’m Going on a Vacation

I'll be in the province for the weekends, so no one can clean my house. What worries me the most is the buildup of dust and the pile of laundry that I left behind. I can't do them when I get back because I'll be working. This prompt me to hire this company for their residential house cleaning services. I can now enjoy my time with my relatives because I know a clean home is waiting for me when I get back. All thanks to this company!

May 2, 2020
by Carole Curtis on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Have Kids to Take Care Of

I'm a mother of four and I can't easily clean the house while attending to their other needs, such as preparing their meals and sending them off to school. I can't also ask my husband to clean because he also has his work to focus on. We're both living a busy lifestyle, so I took the initiative and called this company for their quality house cleanup services. I've never been in my life! They were able to deliver quality results.

Apr 15, 2020
by Agnes Cooper on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Don’t Have the Tools Needed

I can't clean my house thoroughly because I lack the tools and supplies needed to finish this task! Even if I buy or rent the equipment needed, that would make things harder and more expensive. I don't want to spend on things that I'll only use once. Because of that, I asked my friends for suggestions and they led me to this house cleaning contractor. At first, I thought it was an additional expense, but it actually saved me more money.

Mar 20, 2020
by Evelyn Gardner on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Can’t Find the Time for This

I can't find the time to clean my house! I've been having difficulties balancing my work and personal life that I'm always tired when I return home. It's the worst feeling! I'm not comfortable with the dirt I see, but I can't help it! I can't easily squeeze cleaning into my schedule, so I decided to hire this home cleaning company. If you also don't have the time to clean your house, you can always rely on this company for quality services.

Mar 4, 2020
by Juana Owens on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Don’t Want to Make Mistakes

Now, DIY house cleaning is becoming more and more popular, but what people don't see is that they're prone to making mistakes. It's not what I'm aiming for! I want to have a clean home without making any mistakes, so I decided to hire their house cleaner to help me achieve my goals. And they delivered! I can totally relax without any worries. If you're also like me who hates making mistakes, you can always rely on this company!

Feb 28, 2020
by Maria White on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I’ll Be on a Vacation for 3 Days

I'll be on a vacation for 3 days and I'm afraid that the dust will build up while I'm enjoying my free time. Because of that worry, I immediately hired their residential house cleaning services to keep my property clean while I'm away. When I got back, I was amazed at how clean my place was. My friends were right! This company is capable of meeting your needs without any hassle. Coming back to a clean home is a refreshing feeling!

Feb 13, 2020
by Constance Reese on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I’m Taking Care of My Children

I'm a mother and an employee at the same time. Between my work and taking care of the kids, I can't easily find the time to clean my house and that swayed me to hire their house cleanup services for the first time. Even if it was my first time hiring their cleaner, I was able to achieve my goals with their help! I can now work and take care of the kids without thinking about the cleanliness of my home. I already have a partner for that!

Jan 29, 2020
by Brandi Lee on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Lack the Equipment Needed

I'm just your average homeowner who wants to keep my home clean; however, I lack the equipment needed to achieve my goals. My friends told me that hiring their local house cleaning contractor will make my life easier and they were right! With their cleaner, I can now enjoy a clean home. Their team was able to thoroughly clean my home because they were equipped with the equipment needed for this task! I know I can rely on them!

Jan 18, 2020
by Miriam Page on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Don’t Have the Time to Clean

I've been having difficulties balancing work, family, and social life and this forced me to hire their home cleaning services. I was hesitant at first, but looking back at the time I saved, I can now freely enjoy my vacation and weekends. I can have more time with my friends without having to worry about how to clean my house when I get back. It's also a refreshing feeling to have the weekend for myself.

Jan 3, 2020
by Kelly Peters on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
I Can’t Afford to Make Mistakes.

I'm on a tight budget, so I can't afford to make mistakes. Because of that, I've decided to hire their house cleaner to help me in keeping my home clean and tidy. Hiring them was one of the best decisions I made because I was able to spend more money than buying the cleaning products and equipment needed. I was happier to spend that money on the things that I really want. If I need help again, I now know who to call!

Nov 28, 2019
by Pearl Britt on Roca House Cleaning of Alexandria
Excellent Services!

I’ve been hiring this company for quite some time now. They always do an excellent job, and they make sure to clean my house the way according to my specifications. I never hesitate to recommend them when my friends need house cleanup services.

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